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This page is to help answer any and all questions that parents may have before or during the time their child is at camp.


For travel arrangements, when does camp start and end each week?

Camps begin on Sundays with registration from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, orientation at 1:30 pm, and ice time in the evening.  Weekly camps end after the Saturday game typically sometime before 1 pm.  All unaccompanied minors need to fly into Brainerd airport NOT MSP! 


How do I arrange for transportation for my son/daughter?

Shuttle From Brainerd Airport:  MN Hockey Camps will pick your child up/drop off from the Brainerd Airport for a round trip fee of $90.  When registering,  select the "Brainerd Airport & Hotel Shuttle Pick up (round trip) and also be sure to enter in the correct flight information when answering the registration questions. If you don't know at the flight times during online registration, you can add it later when you have that information.  

Shuttle From MSP Airport (2.5 hour drive):  Call or click Groome Transportation  (formerly Executive Express) at 320-316-0943 for shuttle service from the Minneapolis Airport (MSP) to Breezy Point Hockey Center. The standard individual rate is ~$120 round trip from MSP to MN Hockey Camps. Groups rate discounts apply. Private shuttle/ charter service is also available through Executive Express toll free: 1-888-522-9899.  You will still need to purchase our $80 shuttle fee under session options when you register since Groome transports your players to Baxter, MN. 

When is Registration?

Every Sunday for nine weeks of camp MHC has registration from 11:30 AM to 1:00 pm in the GYM.  Campers will be expected to check in every week during registration.  After registration we have an orientation meeting.  Parents are encouraged to stay. The camp's address is 7370 County Road 11 Breezy Point, MN 56472.  Phone # 218-963-2444.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes!  We can make this happen most of the time.  When registering online, one of the questions you will be asked is "roommate request".  Simply put the name(s) of others you would like to room with.  Upgraded housing is available on a limited basis for groups of 4 to a dorm room.

My child is staying for multiple weeks, do I need to pay for an extra night of lodging on Saturdays?

No. If your athlete is here for multiple weeks, the extra night on Saturday is included.  An extra night of lodging is for those that need to arrive at camp a day early or stay a day late for travel reasons and the cost is $125/night 


Can I send my camper a package?

There is nothing more awesome for a camper than to receive a box/letter from home.  The only problem is that we have strict dietary issues at camp.  We are no different than a school. We have camper's with allergies that are life threatening. So NO food is allowed in care packages. All boxes that come in the mail will be searched. If you send any food of any kind it will be put in the SNACK BOX for all campers to share.  If it has any nuts in it will be thrown away. We know you moms love to send food. BUT in the history of camp we have never lost a camper due to starvation!

What to bring? 

Great question! Campers will need to bring all of their gear to camp.  Here is a list of other items that campers will want to bring:

  • Athletic clothing -shorts, T-shirts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, GOOD running shoes and/or workout shoes DO NOT BRING: jeans or any nice clothing.  It's camp!  

  • Bedding - most campers bring sleeping bags because they are the easiest but you are allowed to bring sheets, blankets and anything from home. You will need to bring pillows as well. 

  • Shower STUFF - campers will need to bring their own shampoo and soap along with towels.

  • Cell phones, iPods, iPads, any and all electronics - Campers can bring any electronics that they want to camp. MHC is not responsible for those items in any way. Wifi service is available.

  • Swim suits are recommended as well.

  • Over the Counter Medicine/Prescription Medicine - NO over the counter drugs are permitted in camper's housing. We have all of that in our athletic training room. Campers can ask any day at any time for Advil, Tylenol, etc. ALL prescription medicine should be turned into the Athletic Trainer during registration.

  • Off Ice Stick - If available, bring an off ice stick that the camper can use during stick handling & shooting time. If one is not available the camper can use their on-ice stick for this activity.

  • Sunscreen. Leave the AXE spray at home.


What not to bring? 

Please remember, food is not allowed to be brought from outside the camp and no food allowed in housing areas. This is for the safety of all campers and to prevent any exposure to kids with food allergies. MHC will search any and all luggage that comes on campus. We protect our campers at any and all cost.


Do I give my camper cash?

We do not recommend giving kids cash. You now have the option to purchase a gift card on the square app for all your campers needs while at camp. This includes our snack shack and our gift shop. CLICK HERE to view Snack Shack account set up instructions. 


Can my 16 year old (or older) drive him/her self to camp?

With parental permission a camper can have a car on campus. They will need to register their car during registration. Parents will need to let us know if they would like us to collect keys. Parents will need to sign a release if the camper is under the age of 18. Campers with a car on campus will need to follow car rules. IF they are broken one time they will be sent home.  This is a HUGE risk for us and only those that take it as seriously as we do can be allowed to have this privilege.


Can I come and watch? 

If you are in the area, we invite you to attend any ice sessions that you want to watch of your campers. We do ask that you refrain from coming out to campus as much as possible. If you do come please check in with the office staff.

Is the campus secure? Is there anyone watching my kid?

We take the safety of your child very seriously. We have coaches and counselors that are here to make sure your camper has a fun and safe learning environment. We enforce a strict curfew policy for older campers and the gate locks every night at 9 pm. We have a counselor in every housing area for all campers under the age of 16. 


Can I bring my own food or supplements to camp? Can I send a food pack to camp?  

No, we do not allow outside food to be brought or sent to camp, including supplements. We do this for the safety and health of all campers.  We want to limit any unnecessary exposure to foods that might cause an allergic reaction. Food is not allowed in housing areas.  We do provide healthy sport supplement options that are available in the pro shop. We maintain a high standard of providing healthy, safe foods to our aspiring athletes at camp. We do provide healthy sport supplement options that are available in the pro shop.  We maintain a high standard of providing healthy, safe foods to our aspiring athletes at camp.

Can I get my skates sharpening available? Where can I buy hockey gear? What if I need my skates fixed? 

Yes, skating sharpening can be purchased as a session option, at registration, and at the snack shack.  You can log into your account or add it during registration.  Skate sharpening is done at the rink and the price is $12 for two skate sharpenings.  

Does the price of camp include lodging? 

Yes, tuition includes camp, lodging, meals, and one snack a day. Camp includes 32 hockey related activities each week including 12 ice times, 5 drylands, 5 strength training sessions, 5 shooting/stick handling sessions, and 5 classroom sessions. 

Can parents eat at the camp?

We do offer individual meals and weekly meal plans for guests and visitors which can be purchased in the snack shack at camp. CLICK HERE to view Snack Shack account set up instructions. 

Are private on-ice lessons available?

Private/ Small Group Lessons are available upon request (limited availability certain weeks). Occasionally, we offer extra individual skill sessions.  Look for information at registration.


If there any other questions, e-mail or call 218-963-2444.

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