Fourth of July - Independence day

Fourth of July – Independence Day - A day to reflect, respect and give thanks.

Independence Day is one of the most overlooked days on the Calendar because of the people and service to our country that is taken for granted.

No one has more of an appreciation for this day than MHC. Our liberty has been solidified by valiant men and women with deep conviction, courage and boldness; more than their share of blood and tremendous sacrifice. You have all the intangibles athletes need to emulate.

We have served our country in the United States Marine Corps which means we have paid our citizenship dues in full. We have brought the principles, standards and tradition of USMC to MHC with hopes of passing it on to MHCPA. We cherish the families who offer their support, big time resolve and steadfast patience in all we do. We take the time to remember those who have served and those who have fallen for their country’s freedom; their names forever etched as true American Heroes.

Those who have carried the battle colors of our Nation have forged our heritage. Those serving today are charting a course for future generations and we believe that the road ahead is uncharted and far fm certain. Do us a favor. Stand by those you love but not if you are enabling bad habits and failure to adhere to the standards of working and playing hard and smart.

Salute and carry the colors of your country with pride and honor. These colors represent some very special people and a reason to be proud and sing our anthem the way it was written; both words and beat.

Let’s get to the point where we celebrate what’s real; the real reason we are able to celebrate. If you want to kneel, get down on both knees and thank those who served; especially those who gave up their health and lives. Then, thank God for the purpose of our constitution of this great nation and start living it.

Throughout the process, honor and respect our constitution, flag and national anthem the way you should’ve been raised to respect our constitution, flag and national anthem.

We salute our staffs who are giving up their fun “vacation” day so others can train to be whom and what we believe they can be; this, in most cases, is more than the person believes. This is a time when most spend the day with family and we are fully aware of this. We have been in the camp (development) business for forty-seven (47) years. We have spent every one of those years @ a camp and know full well the commitment it takes. Salute to all who share this experience with us.

It is extremely difficult to find people willing to “live a company and/or a cause”. Those of you who find a way to do this should be extremely proud, because it takes a special human being to make this commitment in life. We just want you to know that it does not go unnoticed. Do not ever assume that your passion for life, work, play and all you do will be the same in others; especially those close to you. Everyone is different. You can control reciprocating for opportunities and people will find a way to recognize, respect and reward your efforts.

We salute the players who are making a similar commitment. The ideal parade for us is our ten (10) vans traveling fm the Camp to the Ice Rink and back to the Camp. The fireworks (synergy) are on the ice and in the training areas. We make sure we keep the speed down so all passing cars can read our storied and time tested logo. This on time schedule reflects the commitment of our athletes and staff in an era where lack of detail and promptness literally kills organizations. This commitment is enough to earn the respect of those who appreciate their efforts. They are living the Brand of MHC as well as each of their lives and those responsible for their upbringing can be proud.

Young people are our greatest natural resource and we recognize that parents deserve a return on their investment. We are convinced we are a value paid; value received camp, but would not be without dedicated employees, program in place and physical plant. Our Cowboy’s Red Star meals are as good as the top camps in the world.

In all cases we are not accepting our destiny. We are shaping and defining it. This is a way of life for USMC and MHCPA. One of our goals is to instill the boldness, caring, courage, determination, gregariousness and try it takes to serve our country and perform as athletes and productive citizens. It’s just as rewarding to prepare athletes as it is being an athlete. We believe organizing and participating in the parade going on today is more fun and rewarding than watching it.

With respect and gratitude for your commitment to our camp; have a proud 4th because of your commitment to youth and the game. Whether work or play, success is guaranteed to those who do everything "hard" and "smart". Passion for life, people, play and work is easy to assess. You cannot fake it. It’s just as easy to do things hard and smart as it is to do things soft and not so smart; and much more rewarding. Money, success and winning follows caring, passion and try in everything we attempt to do.

God Bless America where the standard is working and playing both hard and smart so we can all have a fun filled and rewarding life.

Chuck, Clairene, Dino, Carrie, Chas Grillo, Dan Germundson, Coaches, Staff and Support Staff

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