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Coping With Everyday Performance

Coping with Everyday Performance


We don't ever buy the burn out theory unless there is a tremendous amount of scrutiny, humiliation and or boring practices.


It starts with an unconditional love for what we do. Passion for what we do leads to love and compassion for those we interact with.


Most every coach we meet craves an up tempo game. Next they crave a team capable of raising the level repeatedly when the opponent answers with their own up tempo game. It starts with one person being the highest tempo and others falling in line. When a team answers, you get measured by your ability to raise it to another level. It doesn't get any simpler; its how life works.


As a hockey person, I look forward to seeing the make-up of each person in these situations. This is where players do things unconditionally. Coaching and mentors can play a role but there has to be something from within. All it takes is infectious shifts defined by intense effort, energy and efficiency to change games. Doing everything hard and smart is a priority whether back-check, fore-check, passing, shooting or take-outs; no matter what the task. Coping skills to complete the task is another skill beyond the fundamentals of the game.


It helps immensely to have an Ego based on ambition, excellence, humility and perseverance because then we are never satisfied. We look for killer instinct on the part of a person and team when things go well or fortitude to scratch and crawl back in to your game when things are not going well. Your ability to cope in these situations tells you a story about yourself.


Taking it to another level has to be unconditional on the part of each person. Coaches have an easier time bringing it out once. If it’s “forced” on the part of the person, it’s not going to be an every shift type of thing.


We’ve told more than one player:


“If I'm one of two people who believe in you, it will work out extremely well if you are the other person!”


“When a goal is scored, I am going to check the level of happiness shown by teammates both on ice and on the bench. Happiness for the success of others is high on the list of intangibles required to fit in to a team sport. Being Selfless with very high Compete is the first step to success.”


I am a believer in young people who can pass the “Authenticity Test” with flying colors; young people who are “ordinary, genuine and real and have something extra-ordinary in their make-up”. What you see is what you get. This is the only way to earn loyalty, respect and trust that evolves in to love. We grow up knowing these are “earned” intangibles; not something we assume or take for granted.


After writing and twitter, the glaring issues for us are still:


1.         Acquire the Skill to freely express your skills and enjoy doing it.


2.         Acquire the Skill to get out of ourselves and bring others in to our lives so we can fit in to the locker room. Compassion and money follows passion for all you do. Fitting in is simple. Failure to fit in simply costs you your job and career.


3.         Acquire the unique gift of happiness for the success of others; especially your teammates. I had this discussion with Sidney Crosby in the player parking lot in Pittsburgh during the spring of 2010. His comment was, “I can really relate to the value in this.” I went on to explain that I would not want a player on our team incapable of genuinely celebrating the success of others. I could feel that we both enjoyed the talk. He is a great young man; one who soaks up information. He doesn’t pick and choose where the info should come from. While a great player, he is an even better person. He does everything hard and smart. Like all the great ones, his mind is always moving whether on or off the ice. He knows everything that is going on around him. In other words: “Keep your feet, hands and mind moving with your head on a swivel.”


4.         There is something special about wearing your heart outside of your body. Whether pleasure or pain, it allows us to live a real life of happiness, purpose, reason, with substance and high self-esteem. Added ingredients are ordinary and fun.


Our society has changed over the years. Doing everything “hard” seems to be missing. Our culture is @ stake because of machines and technology. Leadership skills are @ a premium to alter a Culture that is on a slippery slope. In hockey, it takes infectious shifts defined by intense effort, energy and efficiency to change games. No matter what the task, do everything hard and smart. It helps immensely to have an Ego based on ambition, excellence, humility and perseverance because then we are never satisfied; we never arrive.


“When you get used to doing every little thing ‘hard’, playing with grit is easy. Being hard to play against is unconditional and earns you the loyalty and respect you will crave as a person and player. It is dishonorable to play below your size.” We have been around too many people who tell a player they have to do everything hard, but they have no idea how to teach it.


“Talking with a player and teaching go in that order. One without the other has no meaning.”


“People who go on the defensive in a teaching situation have just killed a learning opportunity.”


The GYM and Minnesota Hockey Camps are working together for a better Culture and way of life. We live what we do, and we do it Selflessly, with the Hope that those who work and train with us become better people who work hard and smart and ultimately become highly productive citizens who work hard and smart. Everything in life will come easier and good things will come your way.


In a day and age where technology and machines work together to make things easier, we still have an obligation to teach people that working hard and smart in a selfless manner are still the basic ingredients to success.


Technology and machines are not an excuse to work less. They are incentive to get more done with more effort, energy and efficiency. An Ego based on ambition, excellence, humility and perseverance is essential to make it all come together. Take some time to critique yourself in a constructive manner. This is a simple way to maximize your unique skills. Make sure you see what others see in you; both positive and negative.


So, Here’s Your Sign!”


“With efficient, but intense, effort and energy, and an ego based on ambition, excellence, humility and perseverance, we are an idea, opportunity, performance and prayer away from being a success story.”


Hope it helps. Good luck down the stretch.



Copyright by Chuck Grillo, Minnesota Hockey Camps, 24621 So Clark Lake, Rd P.O. Box 90, Nisswa, MN 56468-0090 Phone 218.963.2444 Fax 218.963.2325

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