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  • June 19, 2012

AUTHENTICITY; Something Pure and Good

People with a passion for life and the game are forever looking for something new or something to solve.  They are always looking for lessons in life and the game. They are the most curious people I know and they never arrive. This is a prerequisite for being a complete athlete and good leader.

 Can you pass the authenticity test? The dictionary tells us authentic people have a particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal rather than external thoughts and ideas.

Purpose, reason, substance, self-esteem, ordinary & fun.

 “What you see is what you get.”

Words like: down to earth, ordinary, much grounded, humorous, good friend to everyone, basically good fun, unpretentious, polite, ability to make you feel good about yourself and open to anyone who approaches them all add to the image you can enjoy as an athlete. They are happy for the successes of others. These make being an athlete a fun thing to do.

 This lifestyle allows young people to grow up with no chip on their shoulders or disdain for others. Religion, creed, color or wealth doesn’t matter. All that matters is you being you.

 Marketing values of a likable and ordinary person is off the charts. There is nothing quite like an ordinary person who has an athlete’s gifts. If they are a superstar, they become extra-ordinary and highly marketable. In many cases the earning power of the person goes well beyond their salary. Athletes, both likable and talented, are a very precious commodity with endless earning power.

 Off-the-charts likable athletes have a critic-proof shield against occasional stumbles off the ice and miscues on the ice.

Authentic and genuine players are very capable of converting the skillset to a mindset. They have the skill to fit in to the group with zero inhibitions expressing their skills. In short, they are “real people”.

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